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    All this for only $295 for a year’s subscription – less than the price of two cups of coffee a week!

  • PC, laptop, tablet, phone – in fact, any device that has an internet connection can be used to access the V-Prep training platform.

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  • All of our A320 procedures are based on the latest Airbus SOPs and FCOMs, in accordance with the official training manuals. Our videos are checked over and approved by our expert training captains, who have over 40,000 hours of flying experience between them.

  • To ensure that you see only the latest version of each video, with the most up-to-date training information, the videos are not available for download.

  • Our videos are updated in accordance with any changes in Airbus SOPs and the latest recommended techniques. By keeping the videos online, we can ensure that our subscribers can only see the latest version of each video, with the most up-to-date training information.

  • We only offer subscriptions to our product on a 12-month basis. This is to save money on administration costs – a saving which we then pass on to you!

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