• “V-Prep training videos are a huge support for students or pilots that are undergoing their type rating or an annual proficiency check. Students now see briefing as a chance to refine their knowledge just before the simulator session starts. The result is that their confidence and performance are enhanced. In my professional experience V-prep training videos set new standards for professional airbus type rating training materials.”

    John Fox-Smythe (A320LPC)

  • V-Prep is proud to announce our distribution partnership with IPA

    The Independent Pilots Association (IPA) is an association and trade union for professional pilots. Their members are commercial airline pilots, as well as flying instructors and those who fly a wealth of operations globally.

    To join or find out more please visit: www.ipapilot.com

    Independant Pilots Association


  • As head of training and a current Airbus Captain, I get asked to look at training material all the time, but these training videos are something very special.

    I watched with interest the video on one of the most difficult problems to deal with properly, the electric emergency config and was very impressed with the carful and precise way it covered all different topics.

    Andy Wilkins (Founder and Lead Trainer at Virtual Jet Centre)


  • V Prep are proud to announce our new working partner Jet Flight Training

    Captain Howard Bosworth (Managing Director and Director of Training)


  • We have found V-Prep to be the most comprehensive and useful online training program available.  We provide this as a training platform for both our rated and non-rated A-320 candidates and pilots.  The technical accuracy coupled with excellent graphics and detailed, easy-to-follow explanations make this an invaluable tool for us

    Michael W. Johnson (President & CEO)


  • V-prep are proud to announce we are working with  JATS training in Jordan


    V-prep Team


  • Following extensive preparations, research and deliberation I am absolutely delighted to confirm V PREP IT LTD as one of our champions for the 2018 Midlands Enterprise Awards hosted by SME-News!

    To confirm: V PREP IT LTD has been awarded

    “Best Airline Training Platform 2018”

    Every one of our award successors can be rest assured that their recognition was truly deserved, as we carefully evaluate everything from their performance over the past 12 – months, their commitment to innovation, their methods and even their competition to ensure that only the most deserving names walk away with one of our prestigious accolades.

    Natalie Farrell (Midlands SME)

  • I wanted to take a minute thank the entire team that makes these videos possible. The videos are very informative and well made.

    They provide a clearer picture of what the procedure entails and help in understanding the crew actions.

    Once again they are an excellent tool for learning and revising

    Capt Scudder (United States)

  • I’m currently in the middle of my type rating here in Toulouse and I’m finding the videos excellent. In fact, I think they are hands down the very best way possible to prepare for the sim sessions

    C Doherty (Ireland)

  • A great training aid for all A320 operators, probably the best currently on the market. Best use of both video and supporting graphics I’ve seen to thoroughly cover all operating procedures.

    This is a great product to help you with your initial training and also as a refresher for recurrent checks.

    Cpt S Cranmer (United Kingdom)