V-Prep brings to the airline industry a brand new briefing and training platform for all A320 pilots.

Pilots no longer need to be in a formal environment such as a simulator or classroom to prepare and learn.

All our training videos are prepared and vetted by current training Captains to ensure that they are accurate, up-to-date and provide all the information required for a pilot to perform a given procedure.

We use their combined expertise from thousands of hours of training, and compile the information from the official training manuals. We then present this information using a combination of simulator footage, 2D graphics, 3D animation and clear narration to provide a full illustration of what you need to do, why you are doing it and when.

Our training platform will enable you to have all the information required to safely operate the A320 aircraft in normal and abnormal configurations.

Be better prepared for your airline interview assessment; have confidence in passing your annual simulator check-ride, and extend your knowledge base to help secure that future promotion.

V-Prep provides unlimited access to qualified visual training, wherever you are in the world, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for the price of a single simulator session.

Join our expanding customer-base and start learning today.

Our full video list

  • Preliminary Cockpit Preparation
  • Exterior Inspection
  • Cockpit Preparation
  • Engine Start
  • After Start
  • Taxi and Before Takeoff
  • Normal Takeoff
  • Cross Wind Takeoff
  • Climb Cruise Descent
  • Approach ILS
  • Non Precision Approach
  • Circling Approach
  • Visual Approach
  • Cross Wind Landing
  • Go Around
  • After Landing and Parking
  • Securing the Aircraft
  • ILS G/S Intercept from Above
  • Normal Law
  • Flight Control Protections
  • Rudder Protection
  • Flaps Slats Protection
  • Mechanical Backup
  • Alternate Law
  • Direct Law
  • Ground Speed Mini
  • Low Energy Warning
  • Side Stick Logic
  • Emergency Descent
  • Pressurization Faults
  • Air Conditioning Fault
  • Circuit Breaker Reset
  • Emergency Electrical Configuration
  • AC BUS Faults
  • DC BUS Faults
  • Generator Faults
  • Smoke
  • APU Fire
  • Cargo Smoke
  • Engine Fire
  • Fuel Temperature
  • Fuel Imbalance
  • Fuel Leak
  • Fuel Gravity Feed
  • Green Hydraulic System Failure
  • Green + Yellow Hydraulic System Failure
  • Yellow Hydraulic System Failure
  • Green + Blue Hydraulic System Failure
  • Blue Hydraulic System Failure
  • Yellow + Blue Hydraulic System Failure
  • Loss of Braking
  • Landing Gear Gravity Extend
  • LGCIU Faults
  • Nose Wheeling Steering Fault
  • TCAS
  • Unreliable Speed
  • Predictive Windshear
  • Reactive Windshear
  • Engine Failure after Takeoff
  • Engine Failure in Cruise
  • Single Engine Landing and Go-Around
  • Rejected Takeoff
  • Engine Start Fault
  • Dual Engine Failure
  • Abnormal Flaps and Slats
  • Elevator Faults
  • Rudder Jam
  • Stabilizer Jam
  • FMGC Faults
  • Radio Altimeter Faults
  • FAC Faults
  • Calculation of Landing Distance
  • Calculation of VAPP
  • Computer Reset Procedure
  • Use of Wing and Engine Ice
  • Advisory
  • Stall Recovery
  • Cold Weather Operation
  • LVO Operations
  • ECAM Handling
  • Departure
  • Secondary Flight Plan
  • Arrival
  • Diversion
  • Engine Failure After Takeoff
  • Engine Failure in Cruise
  • Rejected Takeoff
  • Emergency Descent
  • EGPWS (Terrain)
  • TCAS
  • Predictive Windshear
  • Reactive Windshear
  • Unreliable Speed
  • Loss of Braking
  • Stall Recovery
  • Fuel Saving Techniques
  • Communication Faults
  • ILS Raw Data Approach
  • Use of MEL

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