All our training videos are prepared and vetted by current training Captains to ensure that they are accurate, up-to-date and provide all the information required for a pilot to perform a given procedure.

We use their combined expertise from thousands of hours of training, and compile the information from the Airbus training manuals. We then present this information using a combination of simulator footage, 2D graphics, 3D animation and clear narration to provide a full illustration of what you need to do, why you are doing it and when.

Our Full Video List

      • Preliminary Cockpit Preparation
      • Exterior Inspection
      • Cockpit Preparation
      • Engine Start (IAE)
      • After Start
      • CFM Engine Start
      • Normal Takeoff
      • Cross Wind Takeoff
      • Climb, Cruise, Descent
      • ILS Approach
      • Non Precision Approach
      • Circling Approach
      • Visual Approach
      • Cross Wind Landing
      • Go Around
      • After Landing and Parking
      • Securing the Aircraft
      • ILS G/S Intercept From Above
      • ILS Raw Data Approach
      • Taxi and Before Takeoff
      • Aircraft General
      • APU
      • Electrical System
      • Flight Control System
      • Fuel System
      • Hydraulic System
      • Landing Gear System
      • Pneumatic System
      • Air conditioning
      • Ventilation System
      • Pressurization
      • Fire Protection
      • Communications
      • Engines
      • Ice and Rain Protection
      • Equipment
      • Oxygen
      • Lights
      • Water Waste
      • Doors
      • Auto Flight
      • Auto Flight Position Computation
      • FMGC Modes of Operation
      • Flight Mode Annunciator Indications
      • Green + Yellow System Low Pressure
      • Ditching
      • Green Hydraulic System Failure
      • Green + Yellow Hydraulic System Failure
      • Yellow Hydraulic System Failure
      • Green + Blue Hydraulic System Failure
      • Blue Hydraulic System Failure
      • Yellow + Blue Hydraulic System Failure
      • Loss of Braking
      • Landing Gear Gravity Extend
      • LGCIU Faults
      • Nose Wheel Steering Fault
      • Single Engine Landing and Go-Around
      • Engine Start Fault
      • Dual Engine Failure
      • Thrust Faults
      • Reverse Thrust Faults
      • Abnormal Flaps and Slats
      • Elevator Faults
      • Rudder Jam
      • Stabilizer Jam
      • FMGC Faults
      • RA Faults
      • FAC Faults
      • FCU Faults
      • Emergency Descent
      • Circuit Breaker Reset
      • Smoke
      • Fuel Temperature
      • Engine Failure After Takeoff
      • Pressurization Faults
      • Emergency Electrical Config
      • APU Fire
      • Fuel Imbalance
      • Engine Failure in Cruise
      • Air Conditioning Faults
      • AC BUS Fault
      • Cargo Smoke
      • Fuel Leak
      • Rejected Takeoff
      • DC BUS Fault
      • Engine Fire
      • Gravity Fuel Feed
      • Generator Faults
      • EGPWS (Terrain)
      • TCAS
      • Predictive Windshear
      • Reactive Windshear
      • Unreliable Speed
      • Normal Law
      • Flight Control Protections
      • Rudder Protection
      • Flaps and Slats Protection
      • Mechanical Back-Up
      • Alternate Law
      • Direct Law
      • Ground Speed Mini
      • Low Energy Warning
      • Side Stick Logic
      • Departure
      • Secondary Flight Plan
      • Arrival
      • Diversion
      • Use of MEL
      • Flying Efficiently
      • RVSM
      • ETOPS
      • Non Normal Engine Start
      • Calculation of Landing Distance
      • Calculation of VAPP
      • Computer Reset Procedure
      • Use of Anti-Ice
      • Advisory
      • Stall Recovery
      • Low Visibility Operations
      • Cold Weather Operations
      • ECAM Handling
      • Emergency Descent
      • Engine Failure After Takeoff
      • Engine Failure in Cruise
      • Rejected Takeoff
      • EGPWS (Terrain)
      • Stall Recovery
      • TCAS
      • Predictive Windshear
      • Reactive Windshear
      • Unreliable Speed
      • Loss of Braking
      • UPRT
      • Volcanic Ash


  • V-Prep is proud to announce our distribution partnership with IPA

    The Independent Pilots Association (IPA) is an association and trade union for professional pilots. Their members are commercial airline pilots, as well as flying instructors and those who fly a wealth of operations globally.

    To join or find out more please visit:

    Independant Pilots Association

  • We have found V-Prep to be the most comprehensive and useful online training program available.  We provide this as a training platform for both our rated and non-rated A-320 candidates and pilots.  The technical accuracy coupled with excellent graphics and detailed, easy-to-follow explanations make this an invaluable tool for us

    Michael W. Johnson

    (President & CEO)

  • V Prep are proud to announce our new working partner Jet Flight Training

    Captain Howard Bosworth

    (Managing Director and Director of Training)

  • As head of training and a current Airbus Captain, I get asked to look at training material all the time, but these training videos are something very special.

    I watched with interest the video on one of the most difficult problems to deal with properly, the electric emergency config and was very impressed with the carful and precise way it covered all different topics.

    Andy Wilkins

    (Founder and Lead Trainer at Virtual Jet Centre)

  • I have been a trainer and examiner on the A320 for over 10 years. I have recently signed up for the V-Prep A320 training platform and can say that it is probably one of the best training aids on the market today.

    I have been using it as a self preparation for simulator training and checking, as well as a briefing tool for my students.

    Its combination of visual instruction, animation and briefing content ensures that even the most complicated procedures are made clear and easy to understand. It is accurate, up-to-date and easy to use.

    This product will support every pilot flying the A320 series of aircraft, from the initial type rating to an experienced examiner such as myself.

    I can see that it will save time and money for both pilots and airlines, but more importantly it will improve the knowledge and understanding for pilots on how to operate the aircraft under normal and abnormal conditions.

    I have personally recommended it to other pilots during their training.

    Capt M Goscinski

    (TRI/TRE Airbus Trainer)

  • My company, Professional Pilot Coaching, works with pilots looking for their first flying job, pilots preparing for their Command process, and also those pilots coming back into flying, after industry or medical interruptions.

    What I, and the customers I refer, like most about the V-Prep product is the effectiveness of the learning tool in simply and comprehensively explaining the systems and Standard Operating Procedures of the A320. It thoroughly explains the concepts and details behind each system, in a manner that is easy to understand and can be taken at your own pace.

    The unique visual and animated features assist the clear oral explanation of some of the complicated systems – for example, flight control laws. It then follows this up with the actual day-to-day operations that the candidates would expect in their new position.

    For this effective tool the price point is very reasonable, and reflects an excellent investment for preparation before the very busy conversion courses that pilots undertake.

    I am very happy to recommend V-Prep to my customers who are embarking on Interview Preparation, Simulator Assessments or those coming back into the industry to get up to speed before a conversion course. From the feedback I have received I know they have enjoyed the benefits they have experienced, and have felt it is a good value product in enhancing their aircraft technical knowledge

    Cpt Conor Keeling


  • V-Prep is proud to announce our distribution partnership with BAA.

    BAA is one of the largest A320 training organisations in Europe, and based in Lithuania.

    As an aviation training centre we seek not only the best quality of the training, but also the innovative approach to the delivery of the training. Therefore, cooperation with V-Prep is a natural result of that.

    We encourage the idea of realistic training, designed using the latest technology, that is accessible online.

    M Mazeika

    (TRTO Department Director)

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