These instructional videos are created by Captain Keith Longden and Captain James Feeney, with additional input from many other training Captains.

Between them, Keith and James have over 70 years and 40,000 hours of flying experience, together with 25,000 hours training on modern jet aircraft, both in the simulator and in the air.

Captain Keith Longden was a Senior Instructor at Airbus Training in Toulouse (he trained the trainers), and has instructed and examined on many Airbus aircraft for over 25 years. He developed many of the techniques seen in our videos. Although retired from his full-time position, he still trains for Airbus on a freelance basis, keeping up to date with the latest training information.

Captain James Feeney has flown Boeing and Airbus aircraft for 23 years across Europe, America, Asia and the Middle East. He has also instructed and examined on the A320 over the past 10 years.

He has held the position of Chief Pilot, Vice President of Flight Operations, and is now the CEO of V-Prep.

His vision is to bring to the airline industry a revolutionary new briefing and training platform for all prospective and current A320 pilots that makes training accessible, informative and affordable.

“The pressures on airline training departments are increasing – pressures on facilities, instructors and time allowed for pilots to be ‘off-line’ during the training.

With over 230,000 new pilots required by 2030, this situation is not going to be resolved by using the same training methods traditionally used.

Training is being streamlined, with many pilots having to teach themselves before undergoing training and checking.

Conventionally, pilots read manuals to supplement their training. However, learning to competently operate a complex Jet airliner from manuals is about as practical as learning to paint by reading a book.

As humans, we forget most of what we read and the majority of what we hear – yet we remember most of what we see.

V-Prep’s brand new training platform concentrates on visual presentation of exercises to enhance learning and ensure that the information is comprehensive, relevant, easy-to-understand and entertaining.”

Captain James Feeney