• V-Prep is proud to announce our distribution partnership with

    FDF has one of the largest websites for newly qualified and aspiring professional pilots.

    Many of our customers have been seeking an innovative training product such as this. We at FDF are not aware of any product quite like this on the market.

    Gone are the times when you have to sit in a dark room reading through hundreds of pages of manuals and notes before recurrent checks. Now, with this product, you can revise, develop and improve yourself as a professional pilot by watching the training videos that are expertly performed by A320 trainers at V-Prep – whether you’re at home, on a turnaround at work or on public transport.

    At FDF we do not recommend or endorse many products, but this professional visual training and briefing platform could really benefit our customers, whether it be for a A320 sim assessment, type rating course or 6 month recurrent checks.

    B Prescott (Director)